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You Should Create a Holiday Greeting Video (like this)

‘Tis the season to make content! Fa La La La La La La La 🙂

The holidays is not only a favorite time for many of us, but for businesses, it’s also a time to let loose and have fun by putting together a holiday greeting video. Sure, you can just send a card or even an animated card, but everyone else is already doing that!

For a moment, put aside the ROI “talk” and allow your creativity to show; you’ll be surprised by the result and your clients will LOVE and APPRECIATE it!

A holiday greeting video can accomplish a number of things, from letting your customers know when your office will be re-opened after the break, to showing them how your service/product is the perfect gift. Best of all, you can showcase the human side of you and your team, allowing for more trust and rapport to be built with your clients!

Here’s an example of a Holiday Greeting video we produced for an organization called For Nurses by Nurses.

When producing your holiday greeting, be sure to:

  1. Bring everyone in! Think of concepts that include multiple people, even the people who work behind the scenes!
  2. Get loose! Show your clients who you really are and encourage the members of your team, even the boss, to do the same!
  3. Do something different! If you’ve produced videos before in a certain style, change it up. You might find something that works really well for future videos.

Whether you’ve produced videos before or not, this is a great opportunity to experiment with something new while strengthening the relationships with your clients.

If you’re interested in producing a holiday video, call us at 215-525-4561.

Do you have a holiday video or seen an example of a great one? Share it below in the comments!

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