Video Production

Connect with Customers Through Engaging Video

Hands down, video is the best way to get your audience’s attention and get your message across today – it’s engaging, direct and easy to connect with emotionally. Producing video that changes attitudes, compels people to act and connects with them is about understanding the way your audience thinks, structuring content strategically and using creative techniques throughout the video production process to bring the vision to life. It’s what we love to do.

Our process:

Pre-Production & Planning
This phase is critical to our process and your project’s overall success. It’s during this time that we prepare everything needed for a successful video shoot.

This time is spent:

  • Writing your script
  • Creating your storyboards
  • Preparing a production schedule
  • Auditioning talent and preparing your cast
  • Preparing a film crew
  • Finding, securing and preparing locations

Whether your project entails animation, filming or design, this is the moment where all the time and energy spent in pre-production creatively come together.

The main task of post-production is to finish the project and put all the creative pieces together.

In this phase we’ll:

  • Edit the picture
  • Add music, audio effects and voice over
  • Edit for sound and color
  • Review the project
  • Add titles and credits
  • Create special effects
  • Encode the project
  • Create publicity materials
  • Release the project for your target audience


 Want to see our main steps for coming up with a video marketing strategy? (We’re giving away some of our secrets here) Click here to download our Video Marketing Strategy Approach.

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