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Get your content in front of as many of the right people as possible.
In order to engage more customers and drive sales, more and more companies are utilizing video content; unfortunately many of them are getting it wrong. How? They’re putting the money, resources and time into producing a great video, but neglect video marketing. We use every relevant tool and resource to ensure we take your content to the widest audience possible.


Knowing your audience is vital to this service. Through research, we can identify where your audience spends their time online (websites, blogs, social media platforms) and how to reach them effectively. We’ll develop an integrated approach and plan to distribute your videos and capture the largest and most targeted audience possible. The objective is to reach them in the places they enjoy spending time, without interrupting their experience.


Video advertising is a key part of any video distribution strategy. We’ll help you identify the right channels and make advertisements that are relevant to your target audience. You’ll reap the rewards, boosting click-through rates, reducing the cost per view and ultimately, bringing in sales.

Youtube Optimization/SEO:

With YouTube as the second most popular search engine in the world, it’s used by more than 1 billion people every month searching for videos using generic search terms. This is why it’s so crucial your content is optimized, so that users will find it when they type in the relevant keywords for which you want to be found. Once people find your channel, there’s lot you can do to make sure it works as hard as it possibly can.  We’ll help analyse the performance of your competitors and peers – all helping to create an effective YouTube channel that truly resonates with your customers.

Want to see our main steps for coming up with a video marketing strategy? (We’re giving away some of our secrets here) Click here to download our Video Marketing Strategy Approach

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