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Video Is Powerful PR!  

Due to the cost of paid advertising and promotion getting higher every year, having a public relations (PR) strategy is a must for most businesses.  PR doesn’t end with a press release or a grand opening event.   The secret to great PR is having solid marketing content that can be used on a consistent basis, like promotional videos, testimonials, and even mini clips of awards or accomplishments.  Let’s face it, PR marketing is an ongoing effort and video marketing works for your company 24/7.

Using web video as a communication tool can extend the reach of business news or promotions. Most business owners already know that video can help improve search engine results for a company, but web video also adds a dynamic element to PR activities by creating a more personal company image, reaching a wider audience, and encouraging customer interaction.

There are many types of video that can be used as part of a PR campaign:

  1. Testimonials from customers or vendors
  2. Previews or highlights from trade or industry events
  3. Interviews of company executives
  4. Announcements of new products, services, or even new partnerships
  5. Promotions of products or services
  6. Mini clips that highlight key messages, projects, awards, or accomplishments
  7. Product or service demonstrations

By utilizing web video you have the opportunity to:

  1. Receive reviews and feedback from clients
  2. Engage in direct communication through comments
  3. Educate your clients
  4. Link people to your website, online catalog, product pages, and social media pages
  5. Offer exclusive info and tips such as sales, incentives, and discounts
  6. Build consumer loyalty

Another great thing about web videos is that they can be accessed by media representatives, customers, prospects, investors and potential business partners.The reach of video is further extended through social media sharing in places such as Twitter or Facebook. The viral marketing effect of sharing videos can be a huge help to public relations efforts.

Is it time for you to add video to your marketing toolkit?

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