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Top 5 Reasons why Online Video is a MUST for Small Businesses

Having a video related to your business is no longer a maybe – it is a must. The days of simple websites and emails are long gone.  Truth is, we live in a digital world.  We are all bombarded with information nonstop and prefer to digest just as quickly.

The people want videos, and thankfully they are inexpensive, in some cases free, to create.  If that isn’t a good enough reason to start creating video content for your business, service, products, etc… there’s more!!

Top 5 Reasons why Online Video is a MUST for Small Businesses:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Youtube is the second largest search engine and videos are more likely to rank on the first page of search engine results than website content. This is huge for your business!!  Did you know videos can be optimized for search by taking advantage of keywords and even link back to your original website?  Take advantage of Video SEO your business will rank better in search and increase web traffic.

2. Branding:

Showcase your personality, voice, and message – YOUR BRAND.  Show consumers there is a friendly face behind the business name and logo.  This makes it easier for people to relate and connect with you and your business.

3. Information:

With video you can pack a lot of information about your business, services and brand in a short video. Video makes all this information easy to understand and digest… and it’s entertaining!  Make your message clear, and your audience will retain the info!

4. Marketing:

Video is SHARABLE!  It’s an awesome marketing tool that livens up your message and grabs the audience’s attention way better than other popular forms of marketing communications.  Use your business video on your website, in your email marketing campaigns and of course SOCIAL MEDIA!!

5. Traffic / Conversion:

With all the benefits of video, you can expect your site traffic to naturally increase.  On top of that, businesses that include video on their homepage see increased conversion rates, because video improves the quality of the website and branding.

Did you know that:

• 21% of retail web video viewers make a purchase online?
• 26% of retail web video viewers visit your store
• 21% of retail web video viewers request more information from your business

Many small businesses and start-ups can take advantage of the many free tools available to create business videos. Get started by using a webcam, phone camera, or another device – and remember sharing on social media platforms, such as Youtube, are free!

There are some businesses may desire a more professional and branded video option.  We understand It’s not cost effective for most businesses to spend thousands of dollars on video production equipment and editing software.

GOOD NEWS!!!!! Fresh Level Productions now has a service available just for businesses that want the value of professional videos, without the costs of professional production equipment. Contact us today to learn how we can help you spread your message to your potential clients and multiply sales for your business!

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