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The Top 8 Places to Share your Video for Maximum Reach

You’ve got a great new video! Congrats!!

Do me a favor… Don’t be like the tons of companies that look up 2 years after they’ve uploaded looking at a whopping total of 23 video views.

Sorry to break it to you: placing your video on your website or 1 time on your Facebook page only scratches the surface for the potential reach you can have with your new content. Chances are you’ve spent your precious time, energy and money on your new video so be careful to not waste it!

When businesses who have invested in video but believe it didn’t work for them, it’s usually because of 1 of 2 reasons: The content was not relevant for the audience or the content was not distributed properly.

Let’s make sure you don’t make this mistake. Here are the top 8 places to share your videos to get the very best reach from your video.
1. Youtube
One of the first spots you’ll want to upload to is YouTube is the second largest search engine, so it’s vital for your brand to use YouTube to showcase your videos far and wide. You can gain a lot of attention and drive viewers back to your website where they can learn more content free from distraction.
2. Your Website/Landing page
Videos embedded on your website help to increase conversion rates by 80% and if the visitor clicks and watches a 90 second video, that 90 seconds end up making your website more relevant and likely to appear in Google search results because you’ve proven you can hold the attention of those who visit your website.
3. Email campaign
Studies have shown that videos contains video have a 96% higher click-through rate when compared to non-video emails. This boost in engagement is a no brainer and is often overlooked.
4. Email signature
Another area that’s overlooked is your email signature. Change it to include a catchy line with a hyperlink to your video that’s embedded on your site. Whenever you have a new video released, you can easily change out the link.
5. Social Media
Social channels are your best friend when it comes to video content. You’ll want to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+ and also consider a clever use of Instagram and Pinterest.
6. Facebook Ads
There are so many posts people see in their Facebook news feeds, and it’s impossible to read and interact with all of them. Video content has been proven to be the most engaging type of content that grabs the eye of viewers. What’s awesome about Facebook ads is the ability the show your video content to the exact type of person based on age, location, interests, income level, etc. I like to call it the Pay to Play distribution strategy.
7. Sales Assets
Consider reusing relevant content wherever appropriate in your sales process. For example, send a video of how a specific software/service works after an initial discovery call with a prospect. When they’re further along in the sales process, send a testimonial video to show your credibility and allow your previous clients to do the selling for you.
8. Blog
Easily create a blog post by transcribing your video’s key phrases to have the content indexed by search engines. Also try to contact your industry partners and ask if they’ll feature your video content on their blog and further increase your reach.

Have you done a video sometime ago and it’s still relevant to your audience? Great news! You still can play and squeeze more value out of that video by distributing it to these other platforms.

Be sure to use this as a checklist will help ensure you get the most out of your investment in your video content. By not spreading the video content in multiple places, you’re missing a huge opportunity and quite frankly, wasting your money spent in video.

Which of these platforms have you found that worked best for your video content? Comment below.

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