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Take Advantage of “How To” Moments

Business 300x200A few weeks ago, we shared our video about The Geek Squad Effect. Best Buy has leveraged the idea of providing useful information for free in a way that builds both brand awareness as well as their customer base.

Many businesses are taking the notion a step further by responding to “How To” moments or what Google calls “I Want To Do” moments.

“For big projects and small fixes, people look for how-to videos on YouTube, increasingly on mobile. Of smartphone users, 91% turn to their devices for ideas while completing a task.”

Major brands have come to understand the power of these “micro-moments,” when consumers need to know how to tie a tie, how to boil eggs, or how to draw a dog. Or how to fix their garbage disposal.

“Mobile has significantly changed how we connect with customers at The Home Depot,” says Trish Mueller, senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “We’re now laser focused on how we can use digital to deliver against our customers’ needs every moment of the day and every step of their home improvement experience.”

These “signals of intent” help brands understand what a consumer actually wants and needs. The traditional marketing approach using one-way media does not allow brands to respond to their customers’ questions and needs. Brands that can successfully that successfully respond to those needs via digital media can drive customer loyalty, as well as sales. According to a Google Consumer Survey, “nearly one in three millennials say they’ve purchased a product as a result of watching a how-to video.”

“67% of millennials agree that they can find a YouTube video on anything they want to learn.”

Home Depot posts videos on YouTube on topics ranging from outdoor projects to choosing a new toilet. Target produces videos on fitness and home decor. Food Lion has videos on party recipes and instructions for how to carve a ham.

How To Moments 1144x763The key to making this work for your business is to identify the “I Want To Do” moments of your customers and how your brand can respond to these needs. Think about the questions customers have about your products and services. Make your videos easy to find by adding a description, tags, and details.

Connect with your customers where they are, through digital media.

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