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She Was So Nervous to Get on Camera… Then This Happened

One of the most common experiences our clients have when they’re going to be on camera for the first time is that they get VERY nervous.

This was no different than one our clients Christine Morris of Fabulously Balanced Life, who almost cancelled the shoot all together because of the anxiety she felt around being on camera for the first time. Watch the video below of her thoughts after the shoot; she recalls how nervous she was but was able to push through and perform beautifully on camera! (You’ll also see some shots of the finished videos)

When on camera, it’s important to remember it’s about building a relationship with the viewer and making a powerful, positive and lasting impression. These are some of the tips I shared with Christine while we were on set to guide her through the process. As you can see, she did very well!

We’ve worked with a number of people and overtime have become more aware of the the common challenges, complaints and pitfalls our clients experience when preparing to speak on camera. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with Laura Sicola of Vocal Impact Productions to create a video training series where we share the tips, tricks and strategies for how to overcome those challenges.

You’ll be sure to sound confident, credible and relatable, and finish with an amazing, high-quality video that will even leave YOU surprised at how great you look and sound, and leave your audience wanting to come back for more.

Whether you’re simply filming yourself or working with a production team, this is a must have! If you’d like more information about how you can receive this training series, email us at

Have do you feel about being on camera? Nervous, excited, confident, scared? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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