How much does a video production cost?

Well, it depends. We know this answer isn’t very helpful when you’re planning a budget and trying to figure out your video production costs.

We’re happy to prepare a quote for you, however, we thought it would be helpful to explain how we breakdown our process and pricing so you’ll know where your money is going in video production.

Here we go!



We first aim to get on the same page with the customer to make sure we’re producing what they need to meet their goals. This concept planning meeting, known as the kick-off call, typically only takes about 30-minutes to 1-hour and can be done in-person or over the phone. We do things such as:

  • Outline the approach to the video
  • Discuss the subject matter and raw video that must appear in the video
  • Discuss how many on-camera interviews will be conducted
  • Select interviewees and discuss plan for contacting and coordinating each person



Next, we begin to coordinate all the things we’ll need during the shoot. This can take anywhere from 2-5 hours. Based on the kick-off call, preparations can include:

  • Creating any necessary shot lists
  • Coordinating with the production crew
  • Preparing interview questions
  • prepare equipment (checking/testing the camera, lights, media cards, tripod)
  • Preparing film day call sheets and film schedules


The day of the video shoot is the most obvious because we’re on-site so what we do is on display. This is where the “it depends” response comes into play.

Sometimes everything we need to capture is shot in a single location and all available on the same day. Sometimes there are multiple locations involved or someone critical to the video needs to be interviewed on a different day.

When we coordinate additional videographers, on-site producers, production assistants, sound technicians, a teleprompter operator, hair and makeup, etc, the production cost increases.


This is the part of the production that takes a lot of the time, but the client never gets to see. It’s the other “it depends” variable.

How much time gets spent in post-production varies depending on the amount of raw video there is to sift through and how complicated the story is to tell. It could take anywhere from 2-5 days in most cases. What has to be accomplished at this stage are:

Logging Raw Video

  • Review all the raw video that was captured
  • Transcribe sound bites from the interviews

Video Edit

  • Edit video according to the approved script
  • Relevant graphics are created
  • First video draft is reviewed internally by the team
  • Preview video is provided to customer for review
  • Any revision requests from client are received and changed until client approves


  • Files are mastered and created

When taking into consideration each of these phases: concept planning, pre-production, video shoot and post-production, most projects take 30-45 days from start to finish and cost between $3500-6000.

The production cost is always agreed to in advance with our clients, so they know what the cost is before the process begins. There are some situations where a project takes longer than anticipated and the price has changed during the process. In all of those cases, the client requested additional shoots days, or other components, and then agreed to an accordingly higher price.

Hope this information is helpful to you in understanding the video production process and what goes into the total cost.

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