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Making a Personal Connection Using Video

Connection using videoBy now, you get it: People are more likely to recall a video message than a text message. YouTube views continue to rise, while newspaper circulation continues to drop.

The reason video is more effective than text is actually rooted in science and has to do with the way our brains work. Humans have evolved to quickly respond to a combination of image, sound, and motion. As much as 90% of the information our brains absorb is visual. We’re able to process visuals 60,000 times faster than we can process text. We are hardwired to pay attention to things that move and things we can hear.

Video connects with people on an emotional level. Visual storytelling resonates with people in a way that text never can. The emotional connection of video is what makes it such an efficient tool for communication.

Add to that the importance of “face time.” Face-to-face contact is how we establish trust, by meeting a person’s eyes. A face-to-face message has greater impact than a written message, and a video can replicate that effect and reach thousands of people at once.

One of the most effective ways to put all this to work for your brand is through video storytelling:

  • Add a twist to the proven effectiveness of the testimonial by asking customers to tell a story of their experience using your product.
  • Create a fictional video series around your brand to both inform and entertain your audience. Hire some local actors who are looking for exposure and make sure your story is compelling enough to keep your audience coming back for more. Look for ways to use a fictional story to educate viewers about your industry.Video
  • Produce videos featuring employees at various levels in your company. Have them tell stories of risks they have taken or lessons they have learned. Have your company’s founder tell the story of the company’s beginnings. Get employees to talk about activities in which they’re involved and include video of them in action as they lead a Girl Scout troop, participate in a local soccer league, or do volunteer work.
  • Shoot a documentary about a subject that will be of interest to your viewers.
  • Conduct interviews with industry leaders, company managers, and satisfied customers.
  • Make a behind-the-scenes video showing how your product is manufactured, from drawing board to store shelf, or showing a strategy session for developing a service line. Feature people on your team who are natural storytellers.
  • Take advantage of “how-to moments” by leveraging “The Geek Squad Effect.” Take your viewers through a project, start to finish, using your product or make a video showing how your product can solve a problem.
  • Get creative with a reality-TV style video relevant to your audience.


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