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Is Your Marketing Invisible?

19J95PDH5SDo you ever feel like your marketing efforts are getting you nowhere? Does it seem like, no matter what you do, your website traffic is stagnant? Or worse, do you even know how much traffic you’re getting?

Traffic = Opportunity

Let’s face it:  If you want more sales, you need more website traffic. If you want more traffic, you need great content.

Simple, right?

Of course, you also need a responsive website design that is mobile-ready, you need to understand your buyer persona, and you need to track how much traffic your website is getting and how visitors are getting there. What keywords are people searching for?

And you need a great website. A static website won’t work. A small website won’t work. A website with weak content won’t work.

trafficYou need a plan for your content and you need a plan to promote your content.

Content, content, content

Your content must reflect your business’ value and establish its credibility. Consistent, relevant content helps people get to know you and your business. That’s critical to converting leads into prospects and prospects into customers, because people tend to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

But how do you know what kind of content is relevant to your target market? The answer: You need to listen.

Content has to be something you think about all the time. Listen to what people are talking about. Pay attention to what people are posting on Facebook and Twitter. Ask questions. Take notes.

Symptom, Source, Solution

Understanding your buyer persona (or avatar) is another critical element.

  • Symptom: What’s their problem?
  • Source: What’s causing the problem?
  • Solution: What do they need to help them solve their problem?


(Insert great headline here)

good impressionHeadlines are the first impression for blog posts.

Did you know that 80% of people never make it past the headline? People often share content without even reading it. They share based on the headline and the image.

Obviously it’s essential to make sure your headlines grab people’s attention. There are lots of resources to help you write an effective headline, but one technique is to speak to either pain or pleasure.

“How to lose a sale” speaks to pain. “10 ways to grow your business” speaks to pleasure.

“The 5 worst marketing tactics” speaks to pain. “How to write great content” speaks to pleasure.

You get the idea.

Don’t be the Invisible Man (or Woman)

The heart of your website is content. Without great content, your marketing will be invisible. If you don’t promote your content, your marketing will be invisible. If your content doesn’t address the needs of your buyer, your marketing will be invisible.

If you want to increase your sales, you have to make sure your marketing is seen, heard, and shared.


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