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How NSC Technologies Told Their Story and Gained Exposure

When NSC Technologies wanted to improve their marketing exposure, they chose video as the way to tell their story. But producing the video on their own proved to be a bit of a challenge.

NSC is a small and busy company, and they understood the importance of completing their video.  So, they turned to Fresh Level Productions to help them organize, prioritize, and schedule their shoot. “We were grateful that FLP stayed on top of us to get the video done,” says Natasha Parker, NSC Executive Coordinator.

They have deployed the completed video on their website, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and while they say it is too early for solid metrics, they have received a lot of positive feedback.

Parker says they feel they accomplished their goal of creating a video that really captured the “company story and a feel for the company culture,” adding that their experience working with FLP was a positive one.  “[They] are so professional and our whole staff had such a positive experience with [them].”

NSC is planning future videos to target more industry sectors as they continue to grow.

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