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How Does this Video Make You Feel?

There are videos that inform and there are also videos that inspire. The videos that do BOTH are 10x likely to be shared and have a lasting impact.

Why is emotion key to the success of a video? Our emotions play a massive part in how we, as people, function.

Do you remember any online video that you couldn’t stop talking about and shared with everyone on social media? Was it one that made you happy, or perhaps one that made you sad, or one that brought back some golden memories?

Those kind of videos all share one thing in common: they stir your emotions! For example, feelings such as pride, joy, fear, surprise, amusement, affection and trust not only play a vital role in the success of your video, but make it memorable.

Below is an example of a video we produced for a unique place in Virginia Beach called Vanguard Landing, an exciting new planned and intentional community for adults with special needs. The intent of this video project was to utilize the narrative of the parents and their adult children to provide insight into the need this community is filling for many families, but more importantly to make the viewer feel something about the initiative and get involved.

After watching this video, share your thoughts below and how it made you feel. What emotion was stirred in you?

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