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Great Ideas Are Worthless Without Successful Execution – Our Video Production Process

It’s true in many situations–Great ideas are worthless without successful execution.  At Fresh Level Productions, we believe very strongly in the power of good planning.  So we stand ready to support your project through the entire process, step by step.  Whether you need us to handle it all or assist in any step of the production, we’ll be there.

Meeting & Proposal Phase

We’re not just a video production company, but a video marketing company.  And our goal is to get an understanding of your company’s objectives, including learning about your brand, vision, your story and you goals.

After we identify a budget and some timeline specifications, we provide a detailed outline of the scope of your video project.  With your approval of this quote, we get to work!!

Pre-Production Planning Phase

One of the most important roles in the video production process–PLANNING!  The better the planning, the better the finished product!  With your input, we’ll provide you with a creative outline for the execution of your video.  Here’s a look at some of the steps involved:

  • Determine video project goals
  • Create Outline and Write Script
  • Arrange for Talent
  • Establish Shooting Schedules and Locations
  • Record Professional Narration
  • Select Licensed Production Music

Field and Studio Production Phasecrew

Every project is different, that’s why we are able to offer solutions, utilizing a range of field and studio production tools.  Helps to best benefit all of our customers.

We first determine the right equipment, format and video crew to complete the project.  We consider what’s the intended use of the finished video?  What’s the budget?  What’s the estimated length of the video?  For example, some video projects may benefit from a shallow depth of field and require selected lenses with a DSLR camera, while other projects may benefit from an ENG style camera and production.  Our projects are complemented by our extensive production gear including a jib/crane, portable camera dolly, a glidecam, teleprompter, portable green screen and more.

Professional Editing and Revision Phase

final-cut-pro-got-a-huge-makeover-here-are-the-10-best-new-featuresThis is one of our favorite parts of the video production process–where it all comes together and the video is constructed into a marketing tool.  We have multiple editing systems or high definition video editing, and we can even go on location to edit, if necessary.  This is where we add motion graphics, text, titles, color adjustments, transitions, music, etc.  You’ll have the opportunity to review and give your input during this phase.

Our editing capabilities include:

  • Input high definition in 720p, 1080p or 1080i
  • Special effects, color grading and motion
  • Multiple layering for both audio and video
  • Finish to DVD, streaming video for the web and more
  • Digital archival

Delivery Phase


Your professional video is now ready for distribution to strategic marketing platforms such as web, social media, presentations, broadcast andmore.  We provide you with the file formats you need to best execute distribution, in addition to helping upload it to your online platforms, whether it’s Youtube or your company website.  We also go the extra mile, providing a detailed analytics report of your video’s performance.  This helps gauge the success of the video and how viewers interacted with the video from start to finish.

These phases outline our process when we work with our clients.  We have seen great results for our clients, and look forward to helping others get results in their marketing efforts.

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