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Developing an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

q“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Everyone has heard the expression. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Reason enough to consider whether it’s time to develop a video marketing strategy for your business.

According to Chris Anderson, the founder of TED, the most important element in the success of TED Talks is the production value of their videos. “We invest heavily in production value,” he says, which includes good lighting, great audio mixing, camera angles, and graphics.

Derek Newton, writing for Entrepreneur Media, suggests hiring a professional video crew. While acknowledging that hiring professionals costs money, he also notes that it can be a good use of resources, because it allows the business owner to “focus on big-picture marketing instead of small screen production issues.”

Production value may be the most important element for a marketing video, but it’s hardly the only element to consider. A successful video marketing strategy must include other essential components, as well:

Know your audience. Be very clear about who the target audience is. Newton suggests that businesses consider whether they are targeting existing customers, trying to generate leads, or want to expand brand awareness.

startup-594090_640Tell a great story. This is an essential element of any effective content marketing strategy. People don’t want to be lectured, and a talking head explaining why your company is great does not make for compelling content. But they will listen to a customer who had a great experience, and if you can throw in a little humor or action, so much the better, as long as it advances your story.

“Begin with the end in mind.” The late Stephen Covey suggested that it is essential to know where you’re going before you start your journey. In the case of a video, consider its destination before you ever begin sketching out an idea. How you will get visibility for your video is as important as the video itself. YouTube is a no-brainer, but it’s important to complete the title and description boxes and choose an interesting thumbnail to attract viewers. Also consider posting on Facebook and other social media, as well as including your video in an email newsletter.

Call to action! Think about what you want your viewers to do after they’ve watched your video. Rosalind Henshell, in an article for, suggests 10 types of CTAs. Ask your viewers to:

  1. Like and share your video
  2. Subscribe to your channel
  3. Leave a comment
  4. Click a link that takes them to a landing page
  5. Call to book an appointment
  6. Download a coupon
  7. Subscribe to your email list
  8. Visit your website
  9. Download a free gift
  10. Watch the next video in the series

Finally, track your results. Henshell also points out that it’s essential to know what works and what doesn’t. Some of the information you need to know includes:

  • How many people are watching your videos?
  • Who is watching?
  • How long do they watch?
  • What action do they take afterward?

If you’ve got lots of hits but no one is following through, you may need to improve your call to action by making it more persuasive. If they’re clicking on the video but not watching it to the end, you need to understand why they’re losing interest.

Video is a valuable part of a content marketing strategy. It’s an excellent way to create awareness and build your brand if you use your time and resources wisely to create a quality video that will show off your business and help it grow.

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