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Developing a Video Strategy for Your Business

IMG_6356Video marketing is a proven way to grow your business, but before you start shooting you need to develop a strategy. As with any content strategy, your video content needs to be relevant and consistent. Follow these steps to incorporate video into your marketing plan.

1. Set aside one day a month to shoot enough content to develop four videos.

2. Set aside another day to edit your content and prepare it for posting.

3. Select a specific day a week to upload one video to your blog, YouTube page, Facebook profile, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

4. Schedule time each week for recruiting prospects to “like” your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter and YouTube, or subscribe to your blog or newsletter.  As your audience grows over time, your videos will gain visibility and increase sales.

5. Schedule time each month to track results from your web video marketing campaign efforts and prepare a brief report for your files or to share with colleagues. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is key to an effective video strategy. Included in your report should be information on how many views your videos received during the month, how many people signed up for your newsletter, and how many leads generated by your video campaign resulted in new business.

6. Once per quarter, meet with your marketing team to review your video marketing results and analyze your return on investment.

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