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Answer These 3 Questions to Kick-Off Your First Video Campaign

Has the thought crossed your mind to try to use video for your business, but you stopped because you didn’t know quite where to start? On the other hand perhaps you’ve tried video in the past, and you’re staring at a whopping 27 views on your video (no where near what you imagined).

Before any business owner, company or organization gets started with video marketing, it’s vital you first ask 3 simple questions. The answers to these questions will provide the meat of an incredible, successful video strategy that will attract new prospects, convert clients for your business or simply help you achieve your objective.

Question #1: What results do I want to see?

Videos produced for the heck of it, generally aren’t that effective. With no clear purpose from the start, it’s going to be difficult to produce anything worthwhile or to even know if you can consider the video a success. Do you want to get more exposure to your product/service? Do you want to increase the number of sign ups to your next event? Do you want viewers to connect with your mission and donate to your cause?

For each video you produce, always begin with your “why” question so you can clearly define what success looks like for your project.

Question #2: What’s my story?

If you’re in an industry that crowded with competition, the easiest way to stand out is simple: tell your story. Why are you doing what you’re doing? What made you decide to start your company or organization? There’s emotion behind your story and that’s what your audience connects with. Produce a company overview video that not only shares your story, but be sure to integrate it into your video content. Consider Apple’s commercials and video content; their story speaks to the inner creative in me and I’m a fan for life!

Have you ever considered why we choose one brand over another? In most cases, it’s because of how we identify with the messaging and stories that are shared.

Question #3: What 3 questions do I hear often?

Do you get tired of hearing the same questions over and over again from your prospects and clients? Good! This is good because it means if you weren’t sure about what to talk about on video, now you do!

The questions that you’re asked on the regular basis are indicators of the problem your target audience is looking to solve.

If you can be in position to answer their questions through video content, you’re not only are you helping them, but you’re saving time!

Again, if you’re new to video or you’ve been around the block a couple times, ask these simple questions before you venture into your video project.

Comment below with your response to one of the 3 questions; I’d love to hear about it!

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