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7 Steps For Video Marketing Success

Congratulations! You presented the statistics, you laid out a vision, and you’ve finally convinced the V.P. of Marketing that video needs to be a part of your strategy. Now all you have to do is deliver a successful project. Here’s a checklist to help you and your team do just that.

  1. Know your why. Chances are you’re familiar with Simon Sinek’s model of the Golden Circle. Knowing your “why” will give your project meaning and purpose. Every element of your project will flow from this. So, before you do anything else, complete this sentence: “This video will . . .” (for example):
    • “. . . convince people to try our new product.”
    • “. . . drive more traffic to our website.”
    • “. . . tell our company’s story.”
  2. Determine how. When deciding how you will produce your video, you need to be cautious. While producing a video in-house can save money, remember that your brand and reputation are at stake. There are a number of reasons to hire a professional, and you should carefully consider the pros and cons of both approaches.
  3. Understand the what. Determine what success is. Refer back to Step #1. You can’t know success when you see it unless you “know your why.” Your goals should be clear and measurable.
  4. Decide who you want to attract. Here we expand a bit on Sinek’s Golden Circle. Develop buyer personas. Understand everything about them:
    • What motivates them?
    • What are their pain points?
    • What do they care about?
    • Where do they live online?
  5. Create a map of your buyer’s journey. This will help you determine what type of video will work for the audience you’re targeting. A video to be presented at a trade show will be different from one to be posted on your website or Facebook page. Be sure to include a clear call to action.
  6. Have a plan to publish. Your webmaster, as well as marketing and IT personnel, should be notified early in the process of where you plan to post your video so they will be prepared to integrate it upon completion.
  7. Measure the results. Establish a baseline that incorporates specific metrics and start tracking them. Have a clear plan for what you will be measuring, such as:
    • Website traffic.
    • Conversions.
    • Click-through rates for email.
    • Google Analytics.


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