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7 Myths About Video Marketing

pegasus_by_thereapersapprentice-d4mc946Did you know that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? There are 1 billion people using YouTube and 4 billion videos watched every day. Yet only 9% of U.S. small businesses take advantage of this powerful platform.

The potential to reach new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers is limited only by your imagination. Video is a compelling way to grab people’s attention. It provides the opportunity to use your personality to connect with people and build authority in your industry.

According to a white paper published by Invodo, video is projected to account for 74% of all internet traffic by 2017. Don’t let these 7 common myths about video marketing cause you to miss out on the opportunity to reach customers and stay relevant.

  1. Success can be measured by view count. Wrong. What’s really important is engagement. Are people watching the entire video? Are they taking action after viewing it? Just because you’re getting a lot of views doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot of sales as a result.
  2. Content doesn’t matter as long as your video looks good. NopeThink about how many other videos are competing for your viewer. Content is what will engage people. You need more than just a pretty face.
  3. Your video should look like a TV commercial. Busted. One of the great things about posting a video is it’s not like a TV commercial.  Commercials are what HubSpot refers to as “interruption marketing.” You don’t tune in to your favorite TV program for the commercials. Commercials interrupt what you’re doing (watching your show). By contrast, a video is something your viewers seek out. They want to see what you’ve produced. They’re looking for content, not just someone else trying to sell them something.
  4. Video descriptions are pointless. False. Not only should you be using the description box to include a Call To Action, but the 5,000 characters YouTube allots is a powerful source of SEO. Use the first 157 characters to let the viewer know briefly what your video is about, and use the rest to include keywords, links, and excerpts from the video transcript. ReelSEO advises marketers to “take the time to craft some original copy” for video descriptions.
  5. The only purpose of video is to sell. Untrue. Video is a valuable resource to use on social media pages, your website home page, and in blog posts. It’s an important way to communicate at every stage of the customer journey.
  6. Videos are not useful for my business. Mistaken. If your business has something to sell, then you have a use for videos. They help drive traffic to your website, which generates more revenue. People who use the internet (who doesn’t?) love videos and those people are your potential customers.
  7. A video has to go viral to have an impact. Negative. Viral videos are usually those that have global appeal, like the Budweiser and Old Spice ads. Chances are your target market is local or specialized. Focus on what your customers need and the type of content that will delight them.
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