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7 Ideas to Strengthen Your Video Strategy in 2017

Have you ever found yourself online, down a rabbit hole search for information, looking for the answer to a problem or question? Chances are what you thought would’ve taken 15 seconds to find online, has now taken 10 minutes, because you’re now watching engaging videos about the topic and possibly become a new fan of a brand or thought leader. Has this happened to you before?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve heard many times now that video needs to be part of your marketing strategy. You even know first hand, how videos grab people’s attention on social media and that they’re a great way to engage them quickly and effectively, because it’s happened to you. The question is, how do you do you do that? How can your video strategy be effective and engaging to your audience?

In this post, I’m going to present 8 simple ideas that will strengthen your video marketing strategy and maximize your reach online.

  1. Tell stories. Everyone loves stories! You should think of your video strategy not as one video but as a series of videos. Each video is a chapter in a book, a story that plays out over time. Be really good at telling good stories. This is one of the best ways to engage your audience.
  2. Be consistent. Set up a schedule to post your videos every week or perhaps every Tuesday and Thursday so that the story unfolds evenly, leading up to a product launch, event, or announcement. Do your best to be consistent in how often you share your stories.
  3. Give away the store. Not literally, of course, but consider producing videos with tips, tricks, and tutorials as a way to connect with customers. Share information so valuable, you’d feel you should send an invoice to each viewer. At Fresh Level Productions, we call that “The Geek Squad Effect.”
  4. Create an explainer videoAnswer questions customers ask about how your product works, what it does, how it solves a problem. Some of your potential clients may not be sure about what it is exactly that you do and the problem you solve. Present the audience’s problem and how you provide the solution.
  5. Create shareable content. Everybody wants to go viral. But how do you do that? By creating content that people want to share. The key is to provide relevant content to which people can relate. Think about it. Why are cat videos so popular? Because everyone knows how cats behave and when they watch a video of a cat climbing on top of a microwave to open a cabinet and retrieve his bag of treats, we all think, “My cat would totally do that!” Then we want everyone else to see it, too.
  6. Call to action. Tell your viewers what you want them to do. If you don’t, they are likely to just move on to something else and forget about you. Including a specific call to action at the end of your video is critical. How do you get your viewers to do what you want? Easy–tell them!
  7. Post your video everywhere. It should be on your website, embedded in your blog, posted on social media, included in newsletters and everywhere your audience lives online. There’s a lot of competition for your customers’ attention. Increase the odds of your video being seen.


Use these ideas to strengthen your video strategy. If you’d like to brainstorm some ideas specific to your business and audience, let’s set up a strategy session; just give us a call or email info@freshlevelpro.com.

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