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4 Signs You Should Call a Professional

It’s true, anybody can make a video these days; look no further than Facebook, YouTube or the evening news to see the evidence! Cat videos, crime videos and hover-board videos are everywhere. People use the camera right on their phone to make videos providing tips on everything from exercise to how to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

So, it’s understandable that, particularly when budgets are tight, you may wonder if you can just set up a video camera on a tripod and make the videos for your company on your own. However, based on your goals for the video, it may be more appropriate you call on a professional team to help produce a quality video for you.

Here are 5 signs that DIY is probably not the best choice when it comes to video for your brand and that you should call on professionals to help you.

  1. You realize time is money. When you’re trying to stretch your marketing budget, hiring professionals — such as writers, photographers, and videographers — may be a tempting item on which to cut corners. Before you do that, ask yourself: Which of my team members will be assigned to this project? What other tasks may be neglected while they take this on? How much time will be spent on the learning curve by team members who have no particular expertise in videography? What may at first seem like a cost-saving mechanism, could very well end up costing more in the long run if team members are tied up on a video project while other projects are put on hold.
  2. Quality is important to you. Hiring people who have the expertise and experience to turn out a quality product will give you the professional results your brand needs. While it may be true that anyone can make a video, not everyone can make a quality video. You want to ensure the quality of the video matches the quality of your service or product you provide.
  3. You want fresh eyes on your project. Remember in college when your freshman comp professor suggested having another person read your paper before you turned it in? One reason for that advice is that it’s hard to spot your own typos or deficiencies in your own argument. The same holds true for video. If you produce a video in-house, with only you and your team planning production, writing the script, shooting and editing the finished product, there’s a good chance you may miss a weakness, an error or an area for improvement. A professional video company brings a fresh perspective to your project and they have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.
  4. You don’t have the right equipment for the job. A professional video production team is going to show up for a shoot with everything they need to get the job done, ensuring all the equipment is in good working order and will have backup supplies on-hand. On average, the right set of equipment for quality video will cost over $20,000, not to mention the time it will take to learn how to use all of it!


These are a few signs that you may be the perfect candidate to work with a video production company. I’m not suggesting that setting up your phone or your own camera on a tripod and producing video is a bad idea; whether you go professional or DIY, it depends solely on the type of video, what your goals are and how you want to be perceived by your viewers.

If you’re concerned about budget, remember, video provides a higher return on investment than most other marketing mediums. Ask yourself, in order to break even on the investment in a video, how many customers or new sales will you need to generate? For example, if a new relationship is worth $10,000 and your video cost is $10,000, you only need one customer to break even! Additional sales you receive based on the video is an infinite return for your company!

Long after your video has been produced and you have made back your initial investment, you can continue to use it as part of your marketing strategy.

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