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10 Benefits Of Web Video


Video-60percent-v2The days of big expense accounts and unlimited media marketing budgets are gone, but that doesn’t mean your company has to sacrifice media goals.  Television is getting a run for their money these days as more people turn to the web for information and entertainment. Be ready for them when they navigate to your website and stay ahead of your competition.

Top 10 ways that video marketing on your website benefits your business:

  1. Video drives more traffic to your site. More traffic at your site makes you look better to search engines, helping your overall ranking. This in turn drives even more traffic to your site. It’s a snowball effect.
  1. Video increases the time people spend on your site. Naturally, the longer people are on your site, the better the odds are that they will become your next customer.
  1. Video provides 24/7 sales. Having a virtual sales team frees up valuable time, people, and resources for your company.
  1. Video attracts new business. Getting new customers is more expensive and difficult than maintaining current ones, but video lowers both costs and risks.
  1. Video sets you apart from your competition. Internet users not only prefer video, they are beginning to expect it. Seeing a visual interpretation of your product, service, or brand helps customers choose you over a competitor.
  1. Video gives your company a ‘forward thinking’ image. Companies that look progressive and professional earn trust from their customers. A company that stays on top of technology proves that it can effectively problem solve and fulfill customers needs.
  1. Video gives your website visitors a better online experience. Since everyone likes to be entertained and ‘wowed’ a little bit, customer loyalty grows and sales increase.
  1. Video encourages viral marketing. Viral marketing is essentially word of mouth advertising. People share your videos with others, increasing your exposure. The more people your company is in front of, the more growth your business enjoys.
  1. Video prepares you to capitalize on new media technologies. Having video assets in place makes it easier to transition to new media. Not long ago new technologies were social networking and smart phones. Whatever new ways develop next to reach your market, video will help you prepare to integrate them.
  1. Video makes your marketing dollar go further. Properly planned, video can be distributed to multiple venues and reused or retooled to fit new applications, boosting your ROI.

A company website is a marketing tool and by complimenting it with video, your online marketing becomes stronger and more effective. Isn’t it time you reaped the benefits of online video?

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