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Discover how Fresh Level can boost your sales and marketing with video.


We are Not your typical video production company.

Producing a beautiful video isn’t enough today. If your goal is to boost sales and generate awareness, then you need to combine top notch video production with a smart marketing strategy.

For this reason, our team is comprised of video professionals, leading digital marketers and smart strategists.

By bringing together these specialists in each aspect of the production process, we’re able to partner with our clients and help them produce videos that perform even better than they look.

Our Core Services

Video Strategy Consulting

When it comes to approaching video, don’t be a ship without a sail. Our 5 step proven process for developing a video strategy has been the difference between success and failure for hundreds of companies.

Click below to download one of our favorite slide decks, Your Most Profitable Video Topics, to discover the questions to ask in order to determine the most profitable video topics for your company.

Video Production

Do you offer a quality service or product? Of course you do! So much so, you deserve quality video that matches the quality of your product or service. See what we mean and view examples of our work.

Video Advertising and Distribution

Question: If a video was created in a forest but no one saw it, did it make a sound? In other words, what’s the point of having a video if no one sees it? Many businesses are missing out on the unbelievable opportunity for sharing their message with their specific client audience. Don’t miss out: Download our Video Distribution Checklist to maximize your video’s reach online.

See Some of Our Work

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Do you need to convince your boss to invest in video?

You know very well the value of using video to accomplish your marketing and objectives, but chances are your boss might not be as easily convinced.  No need to worry anymore about what to say; we’ve got your back!

Download this resource to arm yourself with some key selling points you can make to your boss. The reality is, you must be able to present 5 hard cold marketing facts you can present at your next budget or marketing meeting to convince your boss to invest in video.

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